Friday has arrived

I have my coffee and my Chromebook and I started the morning working on the newsletter I've been setting up over at Revue so anyone who wants to can subscribe and get a weekly recap of what I write here and what I podcast which reminds me, I need to record something today.  For many years, Blogger provided a subscribe by email option but they apparently have killed that and that's probably not a good sign for the future of Blogger but who knows. Blogger is being used daily by a lot more people than I expected. The more I look around, the more active Blogger blogs I find. And no wonder, it's free. Sure it's old and the templates are out of date and Google is slowly killing functionality but it's still free and you don't have to deal with the garbage that is Wordpress. Enough of that.  I got a account and it is like Twitter but everyone has a master's degree. There is a lot of high-level conversation happening with people like me who have no idea w

Welcome to December

It's a new morning and a new month and here I am at the kitchen table starting the month with a post here on the blog using my most recent tech purchase, my Asus C425TA-M364 Chromebook . This machine caught my eye because my HP Chromebook had just a year of updates left, it was on for over $200 off the normal price at Best Buy and it features a backlit keyboard which for me is a must have since I typically find myself writing in dim places. I don't have a ton of bright light glaring off my glasses when I am doing anything especially using a laptop. Another bonus is that this Chromebook features 8GB of RAM eventhough the description says 4GB. 8GB of RAM means it runs smooth unlike my slow and pokey HP Chromebook. I also love the instant on of Chromebooks although my Windows 11 ASUS laptop is as close to instant on as any Windows machine I've ever had. If you read the reviews, the big complaint is the keyboard having light gray letters on top of silver buttons. Yes, that does

Begin again

If you go into the archives here, you can time travel back to 2007 - 15 years back from when I am typing this into the laptop. If you studied/analyzed/pondered all of the over 1400 posts between then and now, you would see a lot of starting, enthusiasm, discouragement, quitting, gaps in time and eventually the process begins again with another start. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I wish I could say my true creative recovery began the first time I read The Artist's Way in the mid-90's but that is obviously not true and the archives here is part of the proof of that. There is more proof in how the same patterns impacted other creative ventures over the years including but not limited to my alter-egos as a trombonist and a podcaster. The true beginning of my creative recovery coincides with the beginning of my overall mental health recovery which started in earnest on Christmas Day in 2019. That's when I started taking the pills which were prescribed to help with the diagnosis I had

Independence Day Check In

I have been to Walmart but it wasn't too crowded. Got in two miles at the park and then some time in the pool. It was terribly hot today but I'm not going to say I am sick of summer because winter sucks more.

Canada Day 2022

It's Canada Day and I'm back here at the blog, inspired to write again by the book I am reading a few entries at a time, Working Days by John Steinbeck. I want to record daily thoughts somewhere and I guess this site is as good as any notebook or scraps of paper I have laying around. I also have a $6 appointment book coming from Amazon today that looks promising for a daily record but for $6 my expectations are pretty low. However, I know my daily thoughts might not even be worth $6. Why Google still supports this site is beyond me. I have to believe that Blogger will eventually go away because it's not good enough to monetize. It's just sitting out here waiting for the servers to be turned off.  Today is quiet at work (so far) with Canada off. It's already hot out. I need to run the garbage we have to the dump this morning since we are transitioning to a new garbage pickup day next week, moving to Friday from years on Tuesday. That means no pickup from three days a


It's Thursday. I think I just got through a touch of a stomach bug. I cleaned my new to me High Sierra Mercury Lime backpack that I should have never gotten rid of in the first place. Seeing a picture of the original one I had on this site is what made me get another one. What the heck was I thinking? I have slowly recollected all of the things I had and enjoyed in the first place like radios, backpacks, gadgets. I still have too much unused crap but I am getting better about it all, I think or at least I hope. There is less humidity today and I wish I was sitting on the deck reading but I am in here by the computer listening to podcasts and writing this to myself instead. 

Tales of Tuesday

 Today was a busy day. In between work stuff, I went through clothes I had stored away in the hall closet and then tried on every t-shirt and pair of pants I have and purged out two trash bags full of donations for the help center. It was a long time coming and I am now only taking up one shelf in the hall closet with winter clothes and I have no t-shirts hanging in my closet that I never wear. I also went through some of my stuff in the bathroom and gathered up old pills that need to be turned in for DESTRUCTION at the CVS.  DESTRUCTION at the CVS would be a great album name.  It is the first day of summer and it was insane hot here again with no relief in the forecast any time soon. I am trying not to complain out loud since that just makes fall and then winter come faster.  I got a new radio today, the Vondior AM/FM/Weather Radio in red , which I thought I would hang around my neck on a lanyard when I am mowing so I can hear some music and not get all hot wearing headphones but the